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  •  Vidharshana Buddhist Vihara 

     Vidarshana Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Centre (Inc) (VBV) is a religious institution based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

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  •  Explore Mindfulness and Meditation   

     Learn the art of Vipassana and Vidharshana meditation 
    ​ to transform your daily life into a journey of mindfulness.

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    Experience peace and mindfulness from 6PM to 7PM every day
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Welcome to Vidharshana Buddhist Vihara (VBV)

The intention of this Buddhist Vihara is to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of life through the study and practice of Theravada Buddhist teachings with appreciation of other spiritual traditions. We also support actions that promote the wellbeing of the community and helping those in necessitous circumstances.

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 " Dhammo Suchinno Sukhamavahathi "

Living by the Dhamma leads to happiness!

Our Services

Dhamma School                                                   

Enrich your understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice through a variety of educational programs. From scripture classes and Dhamma discussions to workshops tailored to both children and adults, our programs provide opportunities for deepening spiritual knowledge and personal growth.

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Monthly Dhamma Sermons and Sil Programs

Participate in monthly Sil Observances and engage in weekly Dhamma sermons. These gatherings provide rich opportunities for reflection, contemplation, and communal worship, strengthening the bonds within our spiritual community.

Join us in these sacred moments as we delve into the wisdom of the Buddha and deepen our collective understanding of life's profound truths. 

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Meditation Programs                     

Engage in daily Buddha Puja and monthly gatherings, nurturing your connection to the teachings of the Buddha and our spiritual community. These sessions provide moments for introspection, contemplation, and communal worship, fostering strong bonds among participants.

Discover the power of meditation and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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Special Events and Fundraising Events   

Join us for a series of special events and fundraising gatherings that encapsulate the sanctity of traditional Buddhist ceremonies. Experience the blessings for weddings, newborns, and the sick, led by our esteemed monks with utmost reverence and compassion. These ceremonies offer spiritual guidance and support to those in need, fostering a sense of connection and solace.

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